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Heavy Duty Pre-Charged
Scorpion Brand™ Heavy Duty Pre-Charged Antifreeze/Coolant with SCA (Supplemental Coolant Additives) is made from industrial and antifreeze grade virgin ethylene glycol and industry leading additive components. It is pre-charged with the initial SCA treatment as recommended by most diesel engine manufacturers and the ATA’s Technology and Maintenance Council. VENTURE CHEM ® manufactures and distributes this product from strategic locations servicing the entire continental United States. Scorpion Brand™ Heavy Duty Pre-Charged Antifreeze/Coolant is also available pre-diluted 50/50 with de-ionized filtered water, making it easier to assure proper coolant mixture for top off and cooling system fill. Scorpion Brand™ Heavy Duty Pre-Charged Antifreeze/Coolant is a low silicate no phosphate formula.
Typical Performance and Specifications
• ASTM D3306
• GSA A-A-5262A
• GM6038M
• SAE J1034, J814
• VW TL 774 (G11)
• GM 1825M (Aluminum)
• Porsche TL774C
• Ford
• American Motors AM-4085
• Toyota TSK26016
• Chrysler MS 7170
Heavy Duty
• ASTM D4985, D6210
• Mack TO 14, GS 17004
• Cummins 90T8-4
• TMC RP-302 B
• Detroit Diesel 7SE298, DDC 93K217
• SAE J1941
• Freightliner 48-22880
• Volvo/GM Heavy Truck Corporation
• GM 1899M (Non-Aluminum)
• Ford New Holland 9-86, WSN-M97D18D
• John Deere 8650-5, H24B1, H24C1, H5
• JI Case JIC-501, MS1710
• Navistar B1, Type II
• Ford ESE M97B18-C
• TMC RP 329
• Caterpillar
• EDM M.I. 1748E
• Thermo-King
• Waukesha 4-1974D

Meets performance requirements but may or may not meet certain chemical requirements

Specific Gravity @ 60º F ASTM D1122 1.120 1.071
Freeze Point, º F. ASTM D1120   -34
pH ASTM D1287   10.5
Reserve Alkalinity ASTM D1121 6.0 2.8
Water, % vol ASTM D1123 3.0 48.5
Glycols, % vol ASTM E202 95.5 50
Nitrite, ppm as NO2 ASTM D5827 2372 1253
Product Code:   9027 9028